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 I have deep roots in Calgary, and a seat at the table shaping the Liberal Party of the 21st Century. My family has been here since before the railway and we consider the Calgary - Banff area home. I was born in the Calgary General Hospital. I lived, went to school and rode my bike all around the riding as a kid. I have Arts and Law degrees from the University of Calgary. I practised law in downtown Calgary for 14 years. Time Magazine Canada chose me as a leader of the 21st Century.

I have worked on nature conservation around the world. I speak English and French fluently and Spanish fairly well. My work experience has proven that with passion, teamwork, and honest communication, great things can be achieved.

I have been a Liberal for many years. I was a candidate in Calgary Foothills in 1989. I was president of the Alberta Liberal Party from 1995 to 1997 and chaired the provincial general election campaign. I helped Liberal Pete Helfrich to campaign in Banff - Cochrane this spring. I believe in liberalism.

Calgary is integral to creating a new vision for the Liberal Party of Canada, and will continue to play a central role in the decades to come. In 2012, I led several consultations with sitting MPs, past candidates from the 2011 election, Senators, and 600 general members at the National Convention.

From listening carefully, the values that define us Canada-wide emerged: Liberals are Fiscally Prudent, Socially Progressive and Environmentally Responsible. This is what we want Canada to be at home and abroad. I share these values and used my energies to campaign for them in the recent by-election.

I am used to big challenges and tough campaigns. I believe that Calgary has the entrepreneurial spirit to lead a rejuvenation of Canadian politics based on values of being fiscally prudent, socially progressive, and environmentally responsible, both at home and abroad. I believe that together we can rejuvenate Canadian politics.

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